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iFart Zone iOS App

iFart Zone iOS App  iFart Zone app contains 180 Plus different kind of Farts with following list of Features. Features: 1. 180 Plus Different Funny Fart Sounds 2. You can shortlist your Favorite Farts and see those shortlisted Favorite Farts in Favorite Section 3. Even You can Record your own Fart Sound shortly. and to …

How it Works


Market Shares for Buying Mobile Phones are increasing day after day. Helps you in Buying Genuine Mobile Phone. In Single Click it gives you Status of any mobile phone, whether its is Blacklisted anywhere in the world or not. is an easy to use & ideal Website for individuals or Shop keepers who are interested in buying Second hand Mobile phones,
because It not Only Saves you for buying any Blacklisted phone instead it gives you reward amount if find any Blacklisted mobile phone.

How to Report Your Lost Mobile

Just single Click Report Lost Mobile & Enter all Required information related to your Lost Mobile phone, such as,

1.    15 Digits iMei Number (That is listed in your Warranty card or Box of your Lost Mobile Phone or with your existing phone just dail *#06# and ).

2. Model Name

3. Returning Reward or Prize Amount or incentive for the person who returns that mobile phone

4. Your Complete Name.

5. Your Compete Address

6. Your Contact Number

7. Your National ID Card Number

Why NIC Number: Remember, NIC (National ID Card Number) is very important to enter here, We will never show your NIC Number to anyone, instead it will help you to Edit or Delete this information next time.  For Example, if you wants to increase or decrease Returning Reward Amount, or wants to change your address, or contact number, or if you entered a wrong imei number by mistake & needs to correct it next time or if you find your Lost Mobile Only you can clear its Blacklisted status from by Entering Your NIC Number.

How to Edit or Delete

For Edit or Delete Click at Edit With Nic Page, and then enter your National ID Card Number, After that you’ll find list your Blacklisted Mobile phones along with their iMei Numbers, at that page you can Click Edit if you want to Edit or Change something like, imei Number, Model Name, Returning Reward, Owner Name, Address, Contact Number. And if you find your Mobile phone or someone returned your mobile phone you can Clear its status by Pressing Delete its imei number & name at this page.

Protect Your Current Phone provides lots of security to your currently mobile phones, Because iMei numbers are harder to keep remember especially when you are using a mobile more than months or years, and suddenly you lost it anywhere, at that time your are no more remembered its iMei Number, So it is better to add your Current using Mobile Phone’s iMei Number to this Website in advanced, because it helps a lot in finding your lost phone. Before Selling out your phone, you can clear its status from our Website.

iOS Users can also Download our iMei Blacklist Checker iOS App

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