iFart Zone iOS App

iFart Zone iOS App 

iFart Zone app contains 180 Plus different kind of Farts with following list of Features.

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1. 180 Plus Different Funny Fart Sounds

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2. You can shortlist your Favorite Farts and see those shortlisted Favorite Farts in Favorite Section

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3. Even You can Record your own Fart Sound shortly. and to listen it

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4. Your Recorded Fart sound saved automatically in the app for listening latter or You can also delete that at anytime.

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These 180 Plus Funny Farts Sounds pushes you that not to hesitate when you really having a fart instead just Do it without any hesitation Because Farting is sign of healthy person.

now the possible Question is–

How can fart be a parameter of healthy person or not?

Medical experts says if we can double-check someone’s fart in a day.
Typically, the women will make farts with 7 to 12 times in a day.
On the contrary, men tend to be more shameless to release fart in front of the family and his friends apparently have a pretty high fart frequency, 14 Plus times in a day.

If your Farts are frequency less than that above mentioned ratio, then you have to fix your eating patterns or lifestyle to be healthier. Instead, if the frequency of fart in a day is still normal, then it indicates if the body digestive system works well without any particular problem.

Not all of the farts that we put out will make noise or smell. What’s interesting is, a fart that has a strong smell, turns out that we’ve been consuming food that has the contents of fiber and a good bacteria in our gut.

According to a study(Research) conducted at the university of Exeter, England, we should not even have to close the nose if it feels the smell of the farts of others around us. According to the researchers, the gas that exists in this fart turns out to prevent all kinds of diseases like dementia, heart disease, cancer, or even arthritis. It is caused by the existence of the contents of gas sulfide in the fart.
For information, this gas is produced by the bacteria that exists in the stomach when breaking food. By the breath of this gas, the risk to be exposed to the mitochondrial damage or the organelle that has a big role on respiration will plummet For Information, this mitochondrial role is very important for our bodies to remember its ability to produce energy from our food nutrition. If this mitochondrial is broken, then there’s a possibility that the body’s power is down so we’ll be easier to get sick

Seeing these facts, try to realize that the Farts are identical to Something Dirty.
Indeed, We still should not fart in a public place.
However, if we can do it without bothering someone else, then take out a fart as much as it does.

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Enjoy the Fun.

Good luck!