iAbs and Fat lose Challenge.

iAbs and Fat lose Challenge.

iAbs and Fat lose Challenge.

iABS and Fat Lose Challenge App is especially designed for those peoples who are busy in their daily life and can’t have spare time for gym & have only few minutes o daily basis. All you’ve to do is to download iAbs and Fat lose Challenge app and to continue your workout routines on daily basis.


1. Nice User Friendly app interface.

2. Three major Stages consisting of 30 days, from easy to intermediate and hard level.

3. Each Day with numbers of exercises and predefined repeat routines

4. Thirty Plus workouts focusing different types of abs i.e upper abs, middle abs, and lower abs, v cut Abs, Abs Core.

5. Fat lose & Muscles building diet plans.

6. Health Tips

7. Fat Lose Motivational Images from real peoples

8. Health Store realtime Data integration.

9. Free App.

With the help of this app, you can achieve your goal to build six pack abs in 30 days as it provides abs exercise for men and Women. With this app, people can get sexy, flat and firm six pack abs in just 30 days and can achieve perfect V shaped body with this effective abs workout. App’s workouts will also help to burn your belly fat and will help you to get 6 pack abs and here in this app, workout are suitable for all men, women, beginners and pros etc. Download this app now and burn your belly fat and it provides you workout for legs, core workout and six pack abs and all these abdominal workout plans has proved to help in losing fat and in building six pack abs.