25 Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, its Detailed Features & Unboxing

Today We are going to detailed Discuss Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and we’ll divide today’s Article in three major topics. Details Specs, 25 Tips and Tricks, and Finally Unboxing. So lets move towards the topic.

Detailed Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its polished aluminum frame covered by Gorilla Glass the Galaxy Note 8 has a glossy Sheen that really catches the eye. it’s a big phone built around a 6.3 inch display the no date is a little bit larger than the s8 plus it’s a bit boxy or two with his squared off corners and the edges of the screen are less curved making the phone easier to hold, still the build is solid in with an ip68 rating. water isn’t a problem for this phone. On the back there’s the dual camera setup and next to that the fingerprint sensor it wakes up and unlocks the phone really fast but like the s8 plus is placement is way too high and hard to reach it is further away from the camera lens though which makes you a little less likely to smudge it we really prefer to use other unlocking methods like the iris scanner or the face recognition we both work fast and the iris scanner even works in the dark just like on the s8 there’s a virtual home button on screen pressing it offers a subtle haptic vibration.

The sim slot is located on the top of the phone you can find both single sim or dual sim versions of the no-date and storage is expandable, a single speaker on the bottom has good loudness levels and sounds about the same as the s8 but it makes a question at this price point and sighs why not have a stereo setup there is a 3.5 millimeter jack on the bottom for your standard headphones and next to that are the USB type-c port and a spring-loaded s-pen dock the style is called the s-pen is the signature of the note series along with the pressure-sensitive digitizer built into the screen just click the pen pull it out and now you can immediately start taking notes no need to even turn your screen on pressing the button on the side of the S Pen brings up the Air Command menu to access features a new one is live message it turns what you draw into a gif which you can then message to your friends some of the other functions include automatic translation magnifying the screen and capturing scrolling screenshots there’s enough sensitivity to make decent sketches on your phone.

Don’t forget Bixby’s Samsung’s virtual assistant and with a dedicated button on the side they want to make sure that you don’t forget it either we found it to be not that intrusive unless you accidentally press the button and it can be useful but Bixby vision which is a feature built into the camera interface is still not so great at recognizing things like the essay the no-date brings Samsung’s curved infinity display the 6.3 inch AMOLED is gorgeous with a qHD resolution.

Galaxy Note 8 has an X in US 8 8 9 v chipset and 6 gigs of RAM but depending on the market you can find it running on a snapdragon 835 in benchmark. we’ve seen at 3300 milliamp hours the battery in the node 8 is a bit smaller than the one in the s 8 plus, it’s a bit strange as it’s a larger phone it’s battery life is just as good though and scored 89 hours in our proprietary test routine with quick charge 2.0 recharge the battery from 0 to 40% in 30 minutes and it also supports wireless charging which is pretty convenient

The node 8 has the same math 1.7 camera found on the galaxy s 8 but for the first time for Samsung There’s also a second telephoto camera this one at f/2 point for both our 12-megapixels and both have OIS pictures come out with great detail high dynamic range and really low noise colors are vibrant.

25 Tips and Tricks


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