iOS 11 New Features, How to Install iOS 11

 September 19th 2k17 Apple has released iOS 11, TV OS 11 in watch OS 4 to the public notably the iPhone 8 and 10 Apple TV 4k and Apple watch Series 3. Today we are going to detailed discuss all features about iOS 11 along with how to install iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Update iOS 11 in your iPhone, iPad

If you haven’t gotten a notification to update to iOS 11 on your iPhone

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. General 
  3. software update

There you will see iOS 11 available and ready to download and install.

iOS 11, New and Improved Features

let’s run through a quick summary of what you can do with iOS 11. Apple’s a AR kit combines the iPhone or iPad sensors and overlays virtual objects on the devices screen in conjunction with items in real space. Apple teased a few features at the recent event showing off a couple games and apps that use the AR kit which is limited to the a9 and newer processor, meaning the iPhone 6s se 7 & 8 families can use a technology for iPads You’ll either need a iPad pro or 2017 iPad to use.

The AR kit Siri now has a new voice powered by deep learning meaning her voice will be constantly improved and automatically updated to users Siri.

Also gains a new translation feature, translating between English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish with more to come.

The control center is seeing a major redesign packing all the features into a single and customizable page while adding 3d touch support which shows more options within items

The app store is redesigned in iOS 11 with Apple attempting to make discovering apps and games easier than before.

The music app is also getting a refresh adding a new social feature where you can share playlists and your music choices with friends

There’s a new do not disturb ball driving mode which can automatically block notifications while driving photos taken on iOS 11 devices

Now use a new hei F compression method offering higher-quality images while using half the storage space users can also trim and add effects to live photos as well as change the key photo from a live photo capture

Video capture now uses a new h.265 video codec which is designed to keep file sizes small while retaining or even improving video quality.

Maps is adding indoor mapping which supports major malls, airports around the world maps

 iOS also added Lane Guidance in speed limit display

iOS 11 includes airplay

 With built-in multi-room audio support as well as integrating it’s a home kit allowing Siri to be used to play music on a specific speaker users on the same Wi-Fi network

can now add music to a shared up next playlist

iOS 11’s compatibility you’ll need an iPhone 5s and newer iPad Mini 2 in up iPad air and newer in all iPad pros the 6th gen iPod Touch also is compatible with iOS 11