Angel Whale

Angel Whale iOS App

If your Kids are not obeying you and you are too much worried due to this problem OR  If you are Lazy in your routine life, Often missing important meetings, almost gone late, bored due to your continues failures, bored off due what happening with you on daily basis, Then don’t worry.

Angle Whale app(Currently in review Process by Apple Inc. Once approved we’ll Update accordingly) is Specially designed for all those persons. No matter if you are male, female, kid, young or Aged of 60 or 60plus , Anyone can take benefit from  Angel Whale.

“Splash Screen” of “Angel Whale ” iOS App.

There are 5 Stages and each Level contains 10 tasks, and totally 50 tasks you’ve to do in your daily life except few ones, It will inspire and motivate you, and hopefully encourage you to make real positive Change in your Life.

Angel Whale Main Screen

Initially Only One Level is Unlocked and all other 4 Stages are Locked, Once You Achieved Level One, Second Level will be Unlocked automatically. Similarly for the next levels, Complete a Level to Unlock Next One.

Many of Angel Whale Tasks may seem a bit like “common sense” but when you try to combine a few of these that you do not currently doing as a routine basis into a daily routine, you may be surprised to see how huge impact these small good Tasks can have on your life.

“First Level” Very First Task of “Angel Whale “

All you’ve to do is to learn One Task On Daily basis, up-to 50 days 50 tasks. and Once achieved a task continue repeating it in your Daily life which is the key point to success…

Last Stage, Final Task of ” Angel Whale”

Angle Whale iOS App initially Contains Ads  for  Developer’s Revenue if you don’t wants to see those ads you Can Purchase each level for 0.99$.

Angle Whale iOS App Having Nice Background Animation which will prove to be more attractive for its users.

That’s all information we know about Brand New Upcoming “Angle Whale app” for the time. We’ll update you about its arrival date.

Guys don’t forget to comment down your Thoughts about its graphics(so for as we uploaded) video demo(listed below) and as well as its tasks which are little bit elaborated in its video demo…

For Video Demo of Angle Whalel you can Visit Following Video. . .